[Demo 1.0.5] Demo2 status update

Hope you are all doing well. I just concluded my 2 years in London and moved back to Sydney permanently. (For the foreseeable future anyways.) Spent a little more time than expected getting everything situated, but I'm well adjusted for the most part and excited to continue working on Speak Lies!

Demo V1.0.5

*MacOS build: The new patch doesn't work with your old saves, please be aware that if you download this version on MacOS a new save is created. 

  • Campus tour is now optional
  • Script changes to the campus tour and more
  • Bug fixes

There has been some changes to the script, though not enough to warrant a replay. The campus tour has been trimmed significantly and a few extra segments added. The bug causing dialogue to get stuck should be fixed. 

Next major update: Demo Part 2

Unfortunately due to my move and script changes, the next major update has been delayed. It has now been moved to 15 December for itch.io and a week after that for Steam. 

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Speak Lies Demo1.0.5 Windows 106 MB
Nov 17, 2019
Speak Lies Demo1.0.5 Windows32 103 MB
Nov 17, 2019
Speak Lies Demo1.0.5 MacOS 106 MB
Nov 17, 2019

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